How To Become A Morning Person

Till recently say 2016 or so I was totally a night owl. As I was working from home, sleeping past 12 am and getting up at 10 am was quite easy for me to drift into this lifestyle.

The only problem I faced was the time constraint as I used to start my work at post 12 pm and then half of my day was gone doing nothing.

No doubt I used to get my work done but what about my ” me time”? There was no time left for any activities or hobbies. That’s when I was so eager to change my lifestyle for the best.

I believe anyone, I mean anyone can become a morning person even if you were a night owl like me.

I never thought I would start loving to wake up early in the morning and start my day so very early and be productive too.

Ok, just to clear out, on this day June 2022 I wake up at 7 am. I know it’s not early but it’s the time that is sustainable for me when compared with my earlier time of getting up at 10 am.

How To Become A Morning Person

So what I am trying to tell is, when you are trying to become a morning person remember that it’s about you, you have to do it your way at your own pace, and don’t get pressurized to wake up at 5 am or 4 am if it’s not something that you can do.

Remember, it’s going to take time. It won’t happen overnight. You’ll definitely need to put in some effort for that to happen.

Now, I love my peaceful mornings more than anything and now I make a point to hit my bed at 10 pm sharp.

To become a morning person all you need is to change a few habits.

Here in this post, I want to share some easy tips that I adopted myself that transformed me from being a night owl to becoming a morning person with ease.

I hope you find this blog post helpful if you are trying to become a morning person. Also, you don’t have to adopt all the tips starting tomorrow. Just pick and choose what you feel would work best for you.

So let’s begin, and see how to become a morning person and be more productive in the morning.

1. Set The Motive

Why do you want to wake up early? You have made a conscious decision to become a morning person so you will definitely have a motive for that right?

How To Become A Morning Person

Know your why, why you want to get up early, and what you want to achieve getting up early? Think about the reasons that will motivate you to wake up early.

For me it was my work, writing blog posts early in the morning in a peaceful state of mind before the rush hours start.

Know your why and start building habits that are going to help you to become a morning person. Don’t complicate things just go with the flow.

2. Set Routines

I love creating routines! I have set my morning routine which has tremendously helped me with my productivity and my evening routine which helps me wind up my day with ease.

How To Become A Morning Person

Creating a perfect ideal morning routine is going to motivate you to get up early as you’ll have something to look forward to.

You want to have a set of things to look forward to doing every morning that makes you feel really good about yourself.

Maybe that is enjoying a nourishing breakfast while watching the sunrise or going for a morning walk or jog which is going to boost your energy levels throughout the day or something so simple as writing a journal, reading a book, listening to audiobooks, doing some breathing exercise, practicing self-care, making a nourishing breakfast whatever your intentions are, create a routine and stay consistent.

Creating a morning routine ensures that you do not start your day being stressed out and being rushed which greatly impacts how the rest of your day will go.

For starters, sit down and jot down exactly how to intend to spend your mornings, get clear on how you want your mornings to be, and visualize and act upon.

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3. Set yourself ahead the night before

I want my mornings to feel more peaceful and less rushed. That’s why I start setting myself up the night before.

Something as simple as creating my to-do list for the next day gives me a clear idea of what my next day will look like.

How To Become A Morning Person

I always make it point to plan out meals especially breakfast for the next day to eliminate decision fatigue first thing in the morning.

If you are an office-going person, you may want to pack your office bag the night before or say get your clothes ready the night before, or packing up leftover dinner for your lunch the next day, or prep some breakfast that is going to save a ton of your time in the morning.

Setting yourself ahead the night before is really going to help you feel less overwhelmed and stressed.

4. Set Realistic Goals

As mentioned earlier, becoming a morning person won’t happen overnight. You need to set some new habits, habits that are easy to adopt and sustainable.

How To Become A Morning Person

If you are waking up say at 9 am daily then don’t decide to start waking up at 5 am from tomorrow onwards.

This is not going to work. You need to do it gradually.

Go to bed by say 20 minutes earlier than your usual time every few days or every week and wake 20 to 30 minutes earlier than your usual time.

Taking it slow and steady doesn’t feel like a drastic transition and you are likely to keep up with those little increments instead of going to be 2 hours early and waking up 4 hours early.

Gradually seep into this habit and you will see the difference. Your body is going to get adjust to this new lifestyle.

If you fail accept it and start again. Remember it’s not about perfection, it’s all about what feels good.

I hope this post was helpful to you. Do let me know at what time do you wake up and go to bed? I am still trying to wake up as early as 6 am but it will take time. As said previously, you need to make this shift gradually 🙂

As always, thank you for taking your time and reading this post.

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