12 Best Habits Of Highly Organized People

Have you ever wondered how some people effortlessly meet their deadlines without being stressed?

How are they one step ahead of the rest and how do they get things done and are always prepared to tackle problems head-on?

12 Best Habits Of Highly Organized People

The secret lies in the systems and habits that they adopt to organize their daily life without being overwhelmed or stressed.

These are the traits of highly organized people who are ready to take on any challenges that come their way.

Listen, organized people aren’t born “organized”, they practice self-discipline, and they adopt routines, systems, and methods that make them an organized person.

If your goal for this year is to get a little more organized in your work or personal life, these simple easy habits will definitely help you achieve your goal.

Being organized not only pertains to the external surroundings, but your inner self too needs to be streamlined for a happy, successful, and stress-free life

So let’s see some of the habits that you will come across in people who are highly organized.

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12 Best Habits Of Highly Organized People

Let’s begin…

1. They set routines to manage their tasks & time efficiently

They are always ready with a well-thought-out plan that helps kick-start their day. Setting daily routines helps them stay organized throughout the day.

Once a routine is set, they just follow it almost like they are on autopilot mode.

Once you set routines, it just takes care of itself. Setting daily routines also gives them time to rest and recharge at the end of the day.

Developing routines helps in managing your time effectively and helps save the unnecessary mental effort of planning and scheduling.

2. They keep a daily to-do list ready with them every single day

Organized people know exactly what task they have to achieve on any given day.

They have everything written down on their to-do list at the start of every day.

When it comes to being organized, it takes a certain amount of planning which helps them to keep the focus on things that needs to be done.

Having a to-do list helps to prioritize their task which can then be easily ticked off.

Having a daily to-do list helps them stay ahead of their game as they are well aware of the tasks that are lined up for their day or weeks in advance.

They are very much in control of how & what their coming day and weeks are going to look like.

3. They have a place (home) for everything

One thing that you will never see around organized people is the clutter.

Organized people create space for everything and put everything in its place.

Once they have a designated space allocated for their stuff they are able to find them easily when needed.

Also once they are done with their task, they know exactly where to keep their belongings, and this way they don’t leave anything out cluttering up the place.

This may sound simple, but it takes practice to keep oneself organized.

When you are dealing with clutter in your daily life, remember that it takes a lot of your time when you are searching for the stuff that you need.

It not only wastes your time but also makes you stressed and less productive.

Create space for everything in your home & office and make sure to put everything back in its place.

This not only pertains to physical clutter but also to digital things like files and folders on your computers.

4. They don’t believe in multitasking

We often lose motivation, feel lazy and get uninspired because we often try to multitask and then end up getting overwhelmed by our list of things that needs to get done.

Organized people are well aware of this fact and make sure they don’t end up on that path.

The best thing organized people do is just take one step at a time and focus on the one important things that really need their attention. This makes all the difference.

When you multitask it decreases your productivity and efficiency of the task that you are trying to accomplish.

When you focus on one task it greatly reduces your stress, it greatly reduces your overwhelm and that task becomes something that is very easily attainable and you can get done in no time.

It feels great when you focus on one thing & get it done and then check it off from your to-do list.

5. They set reminders

Organized people are well aware that they can’t solely rely on their memory.

It’s hard to stay organized if you start forgetting things.

There are so many things to do that most of the time best of the best-organized people tend to forget when it comes to completing their tasks.

Hence once they are ready with their to-do list they also make sure that they execute their task efficiently on a given time or schedule.

They make sure to set reminder alarms on their phone or jot down on a Post-it that is easily visible to them or note them down in their calendar or planners. This makes a world of difference in keeping one organized.

6. They don’t put off things for later, they don’t let things pile up

Organized people often schedule their time for a specific task for their day.

They are so good at not letting things pile up, paying attention and figuring out the ways to take action and complete their task.

They do not procrastinate, and if by any chance they are unable to complete their work, they make a point to immediately put it on their to-do list for the next day or schedule it at their convenient time.

7. Organized people purge clutter regularly

They know how valuable decluttering their space is, this implies physical clutter as well as digital clutter.

Organized people are well aware of how a cluttered space could affect one’s productivity, and make one feel irritated and frustrated.

One thing that you will never encounter with an organized person is the untidy and cluttered surrounding around them.

They make a point to clean and tidy up their surroundings as they go and by purging and decluttering regularly.

This habit not only helps increase their productivity but also creates a positive environment.

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8. They create systems for their daily chores

Organized people don’t worry about when to do a particular task with regard to daily chores.

They often repeat the same process as they already have systems in place to tackle them.

Whether it’s cooking meals, cleaning dishes, making laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning bathrooms, or cleaning the entire house.

They have implemented systems that enable them to structure their day efficiently while minimizing stress.

Apart from home chores, they also have a system when it comes to work tasks like organizing files and folders, assignments, work meetings, organizing physical files and folders, documents, etc.

9. They make use of a planner/calendar on a daily basis

No surprises here! organized people know the importance of using a calendar or a planner.

How big or small the task may be, everything goes into their calendar/planner.

They make sure to check their calendar/planner on a daily basis to know important dates, appointments relating to their work and personal life.

Having a planner or calendar helps them stay organized and keep everything in check.

10. They plan their week ahead of time

This is what I have been doing for a long time now.

You can get more stuff done when you actually plan your week ahead of time. I usually keep my Sunday afternoon for planning my coming week.

That includes work goals, meal planning for the week, scheduling appointments, cleaning the house, etc.

This is what organized people also do.

They do not waste their Sunday lying in bed, instead, they set their weekly goals and make sure to keep everything in check to have an organized week ahead.

11. They keep it simple

Complicating things lessens productivity and organized people are well aware of it.

Organized people try to keep things as simple as possible.

Maintaining an elaborate organizational system is hard. They often choose systems that are easy to implement.

12. They work smart instead of working hard

Organized people rarely seek perfection in their work.

Though perfection is an important aspect when comes to being an organized individual but that one imperfection can hold you back for a long time and is going to kill your productivity.

Instead of being perfect all the time, organized people often tend to take shortcuts and get things done quickly.

They know what’s really important for their progress and hence they are all about being less perfect and more actionable.

So these are some of the traits that you will find in highly organized people.

Remember, to be an organized person the only thing you need is self-discipline and habits that will help you to accomplish your work with ease.

I hope this blog post helps you to kick-start practising these simple yet effective habits that will help you get more organized.

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