8 Simple Ways To Be More Productive

8 Simple Ways To Be More Productive

Sometimes it becomes so difficult to strike a perfect balance between productivity and getting things done without getting overwhelmed.

Whether it’s achieving your goals, projects that you are working on, or implementing healthy habits, whatever it is. These simple tips will surely help improve your productivity levels.

8 Simple Ways To Be More Productive

These tips will definitely help increase the productivity levels that will help you get motivated and get stuff done. So let’s begin.

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1. Planning your week

Planning ahead is the secret to productivity. I am a huge believer in planning things ahead. Maybe a day a week or a month.

8 Simple Ways To Be More Productive

When you have a plan ready in front of you, you are more focused on the task that you really need to get done. This helps in less confusion and less mental clutter.

Planning your week, day or month ahead doesn’t make you feel overwhelmed and is a great way to kind of be accountable for yourself.
At the beginning of the week, list down all the task that needs to get done, assign deadlines, take responsibility, and just try to plan out what your ideal week would look like.

Plan it, write down what is that you want to accomplish, when are you going to do it, how many days will a certain task take, and kind of map out exactly what your week might look like.

While planning all this remember, do not be rigid on yourself.

As the week, day or month goes by, you can tweak one or two things and adjust things accordingly. We all know, our ideal week never really happens the way we plan. So be flexible in however you plan your days.

But planning ahead, writing it down, really mapping your task ahead of time will certainly make it easier to get things done without feeling stressed out as you have a vision, a plan already ready ahead of you.

2. Focus on one thing at a time

This happened to me this week. I had so much going on in my mind that I was unable to focus on the exact thing that I wanted to accomplish and though I had planned out my assignments still I was struggling to complete my task cause I was doing two to three tasks at one go.

8 Simple Ways To Be More Productive

Not only did it burn me out but I totally lost my motivation and wasted my time running after 3 different things as I wasn’t focused on what was really important for me at that particular time.

We often lose motivation, feel lazy and get uninspired cause we often try to multitask and then end up getting overwhelmed by our list of things that need to get done.

The best thing to do is just take one step at a time and focus on the one important things that really really needs your attention. This makes all the difference and it’s going to help you out a lot.

Take your planner or journal or a piece of paper and just write down all of the things that you want to get done and then just pick the most important task that needs to be done first or one that tops your priority and just focus on it and leave every other thing for next time. Just try to do that one task.

When you focus on one task it greatly reduces your stress, it greatly reduces your overwhelm and that task becomes something that is very easily attainable and you can get it done in no time.

It feels great when you focus on one thing & get it done and then check it off from your to-do list.

3. Batch your work / task

This point is a slight extension of the previous one. As mentioned, focusing on one thing at a time is essential for productivity.

8 Simple Ways To Be More Productive

But when we are talking about the need to focus we want to make sure that we are engaging deep into the task that we want to get done with.

This is when batching your task comes into play.

When we batch our task together say like, responding to emails, writing outlines for content, shooting videos, taking photographs, making important calls then we are actually setting out time, we are able to devote all our effort and attention to that one particular task which really helps us engage on a much deeper level which increases our focus and productivity.

4. Keep your mobile away – limit your screen time

Now whether you realize it or not, having your phone constantly with you during work periods can actually be very distracting and can be one of the main productivity killers during times when we want to get stuff done.

8 Simple Ways To Be More Productive

In this digital age, phones are powerful devices that can be used to accomplish a lot of work but being said, having your phone near you when you are working on a task (that don’t require your phone) that you are trying to complete can make you feel more inclined to go and check for that notification that just popped up or a random message that you just received.

Once we get distracted by these small little things, no wonder we start surfing mindlessly in the vast universe of social media. This can break your focus and hamper your ability to be productive.

You might think, you probably might not be spending too much time on your phone but normally we often underestimate how much time is actually wasted when scrolling through our phone for no apparent reasons.

So one of the best things you can do when you are trying to engage in deep work is to keep your phone far away from you in a whole other room or put it on airplane mode and even better to completely turn it off and just keep it far away and that way it’s kind of out of sight out of mind!

We might not be aware of how much our phones can create distractions. Those small little notifications of that kind capture our attention and over the period of time greatly impact our productivity.

5. Take short breaks

When you aim for productivity, the key thing you can implement is to take short breaks.

8 Simple Ways To Be More Productive

Now, this may seem somewhat counterintuitive when we are talking about being productive. But it has been studied that our brain works best and efficiently when we pause and take short breaks.

When we continuously work on a task without taking breaks or resting for some time, our focus, our attention gradually wears out which leads to getting fewer things done despite constantly working over it.

Sometimes you can actually experience burnout or feel like you are going crazy with the task that just doesn’t seem to get done. No doubt we all have experienced it one way or the other.

Taking a 10-15 minutes break in between tasks can actually help you stay more engaged with the work without feeling burned out or overwhelmed.

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6. Set Goals

Goal setting is not just what you do at the beginning of the new year. Setting daily, weekly or monthly goals increases your productivity levels and helps keep you focused on the task that you want to accomplish.

8 Simple Ways To Be More Productive

Setting goals helps prevent procrastination and instead it gives us a vision of where we are trying to reach.

We often think goals are specifically centered around our work but you could set goals for any important thing that is relevant to you like habit goals, finance goals, spiritual goals, health goals, and so on. Get creative, get work done and accomplish what you really want.

Goals setting is going to help you to get on track and stay focused on your vision.

7. Get Organized

When you want to be successful and have self-discipline, you need to be organized.

8 Simple Ways To Be More Productive

Find one system and stick to it. See what works best for you.

For me planning out every single week helps me keep my focus, being organized and helps to increase my productivity.

As mentioned earlier, you can schedule your task, make use of batch processing.

There are millions of tasks that we have to accomplish and we need to set specific timelines for the same. If we try to do all of them at once, oftentimes we end up being more disorganized, and then the most important task which actually needs your attention gets tucked aside.

Organize your day, organize your to-do’s, organize your email or anything else, and try to find a single system that works for you and stick to it.

8. Just go for it

This is one of the best things that you can do to yourself to get more productive.

8 Simple Ways To Be More Productive

It’s so easy to make excuses and try to put things off for tomorrow as we don’t feel like doing it today or we are not in a mood to do the task today.

Try and make that conscious effort that decision to just go for it and do it.

As mentioned earlier, just get up, decide what is on your priority list and work on it.

Focus on your task and this is what is going to reduce your stress and overwhelm.

Take a piece of paper and just brain dump, write down your “WHY”. Why do you want to do this? and just make a conscious effort to complete it.

Pushing yourself to get started might seem overwhelming but just taking that one small step at a time will get a lot of work done.

In the end, you are going to feel proud of yourself and feel more productive and more motivated.

So these are some of the things I implement that helps keep me on my toes throughout the day and get things done.

At the end of the day, being productive is going to give you that sense of fulfillment and keep you motivated for the next day.

I would love to hear from you, what are the methods that you implement to get more work done to get more productive? Do let me know in the comments.

I hope you find this post useful and helps you increase your productivity levels.

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8 Simple Ways To Be More Productive

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