7 Effective Bedtime Habits To Sleep Better At Night

A couple of years back, I used to struggle to get a good night’s sleep. I was shabby with regard to my bedtime routine which highly impacted my sleep cycle.

Sleep does not only mean that we are unconscious for a certain period of time, there is a lot that is going on which impacts both our physical and mental well-being when we get a good profound sleep.

7 Effective Bedtime Habits To Sleep Better At Night

Our cells and our tissues regenerate, our cognitive functions, and our brain are fully boosted for the next day. Our body is well rested to get more energized.

So today I would like to share the things that I implemented in my bedtime routine which now actually help me fall asleep as soon as I hit the bed and without any alarm, I can wake up at the same consistent time.

No wonder, I feel recharged and full of energy to take on tasks for the rest of the day.

So let’s get into some effective bedtime habits to sleep better at night which will also help you fall asleep faster.

A lot of these habits are very obvious and some may not be. So let’s begin.

1. Having A Consistent Sleep Schedule

Now, this is a no-brainer, having a consistent sleep schedule means going to bed at the same time every night and waking up at the same time in the morning.

You need to be regular with this schedule no matter what.

Regularly sleeping and waking up at the same time whether it’s a weekday or weekend highly impacts your sleep cycle.

Nowadays I go to bed every night at 11 pm and without any alarm, I can wake at 7 am.

You need to be consistent, your body will adjust itself after a few days and you will find it so much easier to fall asleep as soon as you hit the bed and wake up refreshed in the morning.

Our brain loves routines and it works best under these conditions.

That’s why when you schedule your day too, you will find it very easy to get things done, same way when you have a bedtime schedule you are going to maintain a good night’s sleep which will help you feel good and energized and help to focus of on your task for the next day.

2. Avoid Caffeine

If you are a coffee lover like me, avoid caffeine post 5 pm.

Caffeine is a stimulant and can keep you awake at night.

Try to take these drinks in the morning instead of the afternoon or evening.

3. Keep Your Room Cool

When you sleep in a cooler room, you will always find that it is much easier to fall asleep fast.

This is because our bodies prefer that little drop in temperature in order to fall asleep and stay asleep.

An ideal temperature should be about 18-21 degrees Celcius.

Make use of air conditioning, turn on fans, open up those windows or just stick your feet out from under the cover.

This will help you cool down a bit and help to stay asleep.

4. Sleep In A Calm & Dark Room

Sleeping in a dark room triggers the release of the sleep hormone called melatonin.

A tiny amount of light is enough to disrupt our body’s ability to effectively produce melatonin.

Try to dim the lights an hour before your bedtime, use dark-coloured curtains and try to block light as much as possible, you can even wear an eye mask when sleeping.

All these things are going to regulate melatonin and help you fall asleep.

Also, try and create a calm atmosphere in your bedroom before you hit the bed.

Light a couple of candles or play soft music.

Try to use warm colour lighting in your room like yellow or orange. These will help your brain to kind of getting ready for bed and help in the production of melatonin.

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5. Gadget Shutdown

Earlier 3-4 years back, I used to be on my mobile phone past 11 pm and it had affected my sleep every single night.

Now, I have made it compulsory to shut down all my electronic gadgets including television 30 minutes before going to bed and have felt the difference in my sleep pattern.

Stay away from your computers, tablets, phones, and TV 30 minutes before going to bed.

This tells your brain that it’s time to start getting ready for bed.

The blue light emanating from these gadgets is the main cause that disrupts our sleep.

6. Create A Personal Self Care Routine

This is the best part of my bedtime routine.

Before going to bed, I have created this self-care routine that helps me wind up the day and signals my brain that it’s time for a good night’s sleep ahead.

Throughout the day we rush through things as we are short of time.

The night is the time to make your own self-care routine and pamper yourself.

Remove your makeup, wash your face, brush your teeth. Have a skincare ritual just before going to sleep.

This creates a comfortable cosy feeling and you are going to feel good & calm.

7. Take A Warm Bath

Apart from creating a self-care routine, you may also take a nice warm bath or shower.

A hot bath is going to relax your muscles and you will feel more calm and sleepy afterwards.

You may also make use of bath salt which helps in soothing tired muscles.

This is how I usually try to end my day with this easy and effective nighttime routine to get good sleep,

I have seen a drastic change in my sleep pattern. Now I wake up fresh and get a good deep sleep.

Hopefully, you might be doing some of the things mentioned in this blog post or are eager to start implementing in your routine.

Let me know if you have any particular thing that helps you fall asleep easily which is not mentioned here. I would love to hear from you.

As always, thank you for taking your time and reading this post.

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