8-Easy Ways To Be Productive

set clear goals


have a clear goals long term as well as for activities you are performing so that you will be clear of the outcome you want and make corrections if needed

90 minutes focus block


do your work in a batch of 90 minutes or less and take a break of 10-15 mins after that to refresh your brain to work efficiently

focus on one thing at a time


focus on one thing at a time instead of multi-tasking which uses a lot of brain power and will leave you feeling exhausted



prioritize the activity according to their importance and urgency so that you are not distracted by work that doesn't add any value

optimize you work area


optimize you work area by reducing clutter and arranging necessary tools and resources within your reach so that you dont get distracted

eat right


eat healthy and nutritious food preferably light lunch so that you don't feel to tired after lunch



follow a fitness regime so your body can release some stress

use breathing technique


use breathing technique such as box breathing to reduce stress and make your mind more focused