5 Self-Care Habits To Live Life More Intentionally 

You need to take care of your body to run it efficiently. This is such a simple yet so effective part when it comes to living life intentionally.

1. Be Active

Start eating whole foods instead of processed ones.Be present and mindful of what you are putting in your body. Be thankful that you can make this change and nourish your body.

2. Eating Mindfully

Life's responsibilities and ongoing stress often affect the quality of our lifestyle. This is when the importance of Rest comes into play.

3. Prioritize Rest 

Take time out just for yourself! You need to have your "ME" time every single day.Find what suits you best to connect with your inner self. You're entitled to some peaceful 'ME' time each and every day!

4. Me Time

Emotions play an important part in our day-to-day life.Know what triggers the situation and try to come up with a solution. Accept, acknowledge and express your feelings regularly, do not bottle them up.

5. Emotional Self-Care