10 Amazing Health Benefits of Walking Everyday

1 - Weight Loss walking paired with a healthy diet can promote weight loss

2 - Keeps Heart Healthy As walking can lower hypertension and reduce weight, it will result in better cardiovascular health

3 - Lower Risk of Diabetes According to a research walking 30 mins can reduce risk of developing type 2 diabetes by 30%

4 - Reduce Stress Walking reduces stress inducing hormone cortisol, hence making you feel calm

5 - Improves Sleep Quality Physical activity like walking can naturally boost the effect of melatonin for a better quality sleep

6 - Improve your mood walking  According to a research, walking for just 10 minutes can lift your spirit

7 - Alleviate joint pain Walking improves your range of motion, mobility and blood flow to your joints thus alleviating joint pain

8 - Stimulates your digestive system Walking promotes stimulation of your stomach and intestine thus improving digestive health

9 - Brain and Creativity Walking has been shown to improve decision making function of brain and boost creativity

10 - Strong bones and balance Brisk walking has shown to strengthen bones and improve balance, reducing chances and injuries from a fall