10 Simple Ways To Practice Mindfulness In Our Everyday Life

1. Check With Yourself The first way to incorporate mindful living is to check with yourself. The main goal of this exercise is to gain a deep understanding of your present actions and feelings.

2. Mindful Mornings Be present, be mindful at the very beginning of the day before you rush out of that door or get busy with your office work.

3. Mindful Awareness Noticing your surroundings is a great way to be in the present moment and just be mindful of what’s going around you.

4. Connect with nature Feel the texture of the tree trunk. The patterns they form. Notice the sand from the beach, hold it and feel the texture, rub the sand between your palms.

5. The Practice of Mindful Eating and Drinking Becoming more aware of the foods that we eat and how we eat helps us to become much more aware of the taste, smell, and texture and helps us feel better.

6. Drawing / Painting Mix and match the colours, and use your fingers to spread those colours. notice the texture of crayons or pastel colours. Simple exercise like this going to help YOU to be mindful of our present state.

7. Connect with people Give full attention to the person without being distracted. Focus your whole attention on what the other person is saying and be present in that conversation.

8. Mindful Meditation Take deep breaths, concentrate on your breathing, and check in with yourself. Notice the sensation of your body when you pull in the air and release it.

9. Listen To Music You will be amazed how the same music will feel different in such a positive way. Listen and concentrate on the lyrics, and notice your body movements.

10. Dance To The Beat! Give yourself permission to let go of the music. To make it easy, dance in front of a mirror and be comfortable.